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The Research Methodology of Cell Phone Health Risk Studies...

Cellular telephones have transformed and accelerated communications over the past four decades. The benefits of cell phone technology are clear, most notably in the creation of an increasingly mobile and global business sector. As cell phones became a central part of the daily lives of about 5 billion global users (National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet), discussions of the potential health risks have become commonplace. Such epidemiological concerns stem from the potential harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted by cellular devices. These concerns, at the most basic level, emulate the 1970s concern regarding the proposed correlation between magnetic fields from power lines and incidents of leukemia in children living nearby these†¦show more content†¦(Barnes 449) Case One: Cell Phones may increase cancer risk Researchers Henry Lai and Narandra Singh from the University of Washington were the first to lay the groundwork that sparked interest in the concept that electromagnetic fields of varying frequencies may have a negative affect on the neuronal activity of organisms (Lai 513). The goal of their research was to identify how duration and exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields would affect neuronal activity. In the preface of their seminal 1995 study, they cite the increasingly common exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields in the public as the reason for their interest in such EMF interactions (Lai 513). The research Lai and Singh had conducted, funded by the National Institutes of Health created some friction between the researchers and their funder regarding the direction of research (Paulson). The researchers held credible standing amongst other colleagues interested in the connection between EMFs and neuronal activity. However, cell phone industry representatives have attempted discredit the researcher’s results. In an article discussing the external friction induced by the cell phone industry, Lai spoke of the temporary problems he encountered with the NIH over the direction of his research. Lai explained that the NIH had received notice that his research was proceeding in a direction not pronounced in his grantShow MoreRelatedCHAPTER 6 CONCLUSION 6.1 Conclusions In summary, this study found that CHM group had better1200 Words   |  5 PagesCHAPTER 6 CONCLUSION 6.1 Conclusions In summary, this study found that CHM group had better fatigue, anorexia and nausea profile in the sixth cycle of chemotherapy, whereas non-CHM group had better white blood cell level and haemoglobin level. There was no significant difference in HRQOL of CHM group and non-CHM group as well as the delay of the completion of chemotherapy. Although there were no adverse effects reported during the study, patients and healthcare providers should be aware of theRead MoreMobile Phones And Its Effect On Communication Essay1839 Words   |  8 PagesMobile phones are devices which are used worldwide mostly to ease communication. Business persons use it to ease their transactions among others. According to Senthil Sakthi(2015)published in Journal of Internet Banking Commerce the 3G telephone enables users to access data; listen to music; play games; send and receive simple text messages (SMS); access multimedia messaging services, voice, and video, as well as internet access through wirele ss application protocol (WAP) . This is why youngRead MoreMobile Security Research Paper2503 Words   |  11 PagesFinal Term Paper : Mobile Security By: Sibbonai Carswell 9/14/2013 RES/531 Mobile phone usage is at its highest right now. I know personally if I don’t have my cell phone I feel like I am missing my closet accessory. I do everything from my phone talk, text. Check email, pay bills, check my bank account, send money, receive money etc. Since so many different things are done on cell phones, mobile security has become a big issue. The subject of mobile computing is extremely importantRead MoreInternational College Of Auckland1912 Words   |  8 PagesINTERNATIONAL COLLEGE of AUCKLAND Subject: Contemporary Business Issue 791 (v1) Assessment 2: Assignment B Does near microwave radiation from mobile phone providers cause human DNA damage? Lecturer: Richard Midgley From: Atul Singh Patial (DBP073) Khushkaran Singh (DB1135) Content Read MoreThe Pros and Cons of Cell Phones Essay2268 Words   |  10 PagesMartin Cooper changed the world by making the world’s first cell phone call. With a 10-inch-long, 2.5-pound phone nicknamed â€Å"the brick† he called his engineering nemesis at the much bigger company Bell Labs (Here Now, 2014). The phone gave 30 minutes of talk time after 10 hours of recharging and it cost a grand total of $3995. In those days, the average middle-class person could not afford to buy a mobile phone. By the late 1990s, cell phones became progressively accessible to the overall populationRead MoreMobile Health Applications For Mental Health3491 Words   |  14 PagesPurpose, and Research Question: 5 Literature Review 6 What is Mobile Health? 6 Mobile Health Applications for Mental Health 7 Clinical Assessment Treatment Progress: 8 Skills Training: 9 Enhanced Communication with Providers: 10 Reminders Medication Adherence: 10 Challenges of Mobile Health Technology for Behavioral Health: 10 User Interface Design in Mental Health Mobile Health Apps 10 Benefits of Mobile Health Apps for Mental Health Interventions: 11 Barriers to Mobile Health App Adoption forRead MoreEffects Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus1619 Words   |  7 Pages Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus spread by bodily fluids of infected individuals; it results in a depressed immune system as the virus destroys CD4+ cells. There are currently approximately 89,000 people living with HIV in the UK with 78,900 diagnosed cases. HIV cases are declining with 5,164 cases diagnosed in 2016 compared to 6,286 in 2015. The discovery and implementation of antiretroviral therapy (ART) changed the prognosis for many with HIV from a fatal death sentence toRead MoreCellphones Can Do More Harm Than Good4035 Words   |  17 Pagesage, most everyone in our society has and uses a cell phone. Most of those who use cell phones also use the SMS text messaging that these phones feature. This study takes a look at some of the effects and potential problems arising from the use of this text messaging. A survey of students and instructors at Lane Community College found that 70% of those surveyed believed that texting had harmful effects on students writing skills. However, studies that were analyzed found that texting is actuallyRead MoreSexting : A Deeper Understanding On The Issue Of Sexting1658 Words   |  7 Pagesevidence from six recent peer reviewed articles. Sexting is an increasing prevalent behavior that is common among teenagers and young adults. There are many similarities and differences between male and female’s attitude and behavior toward sexting. Research by Walker, Sanci, and Temple-Smith (2013), indicates that young women are faced with pressure to present themselves in sexual ways and young men are supposed to be interested in this. Females are faced with the pressure, threated and bribed by malesRead MoreAdvantagesDisadvantages of RuralUrban Life2176 Words   |  9 PagesNdagi O. O. Oduwole R. A. Sanusi Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria AFRICA ABSTRACT The advent of the Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) in Nigeria has become the order of most day-to-day activities; however, consumers of GSM services through the use of cellular phones are faced with numerous problems in making use of the GSM technology. This study examined the attitude of respondents to the merits and demerits inherent in the use of cellular phones in rural and urban Ogun State of Nigeria

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