Thursday, February 27, 2020

Childrens Cognitive Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Childrens Cognitive Development - Assignment Example Both teachers report at motivation is easy to achieve in 2nd and 4th grade because children still seek to please authority figures at this stage in their development. Rewards for good behavior, such as extra recess time are no longer possible because so much time is devoted to standardized testing. These teachers have adapted by offering students more choices about how and what they learn within the classroom. Differentiated instruction is a key to motivation and classroom management in elementary school. Both teachers agree that there is a difference between what they feel parents should do for their child’s education and what they actually see happening. Both teachers feel a stable home with good nutrition, boundaries concerning bed times and video games, and exposure to books and literature are all helpful. A home with scheduled study times was also identified as being a plus. Bothe teachers agree in stating that less than half of their children now have this sort of a home. Even the affluent, educated kids seem overscheduled and parents appear overindulgent when it comes to permitting TV watching and playing into the late hours of the evening. Kids seem tired and restless according to the 4th grade teacher. I interviewed the principal of a middle school for the next set of questions. She related that Gifted children have their needs addressed in two ways. One of the methods employed is to write specific skills or activities the classroom teacher must develop and do as a part of fulfilling the GIEP. This ensures that students are challenged within the regular classroom setting. She pointed out that inclusion is an important concept for Gifted students as well as students with learning disabilities. The second method employed is through the district Gifted Coordinator. This individual meets one day out of six with the gifted students in the

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